Drew Sparkman

teacher, writer, curious human

Hi there!

You've found your way to my website. I'm an IB teacher of group 1 English, group 2 English, and TOK. Apart from that, I do the annual extended essay supervision and coordination thing, and I've had the pleasure of serving as the CAS coordinator.

On a side note, if you happen to be in the market for an amazingly inspirational and engaging native Spanish teacher, I can help you out there. I'm luck enough to live the best! Check out my partner Rosa Portillo!

About Drew

As my professional experience can be seen on my CV, I'll take a moment to introduce myself. Many students, parents, and colleagues have praised my abilities as a teacher and as a tutor to connect with students and inspire them to realize their potential in and outside of school. Indeed, I invite you to check out my references. Many of my students have gone on to top European and American universities. Part of this success comes from my innate interest in people, but most of the success is rooted in my persistence to achieving goals and my dedication to my students. With nearly seven years of teaching experience, my methodology and technological skills co-align nicely with learning trends in today's youth. Being a certified Google Educator and a certified IB teacher certainly helps with creating engaging and modern content that promotes student engagement and reflection about our world.

Outside of school, I busy myself with sports and writing. I have played basketball and tennis since I could dribble a ball and hold a racquet. I also enjoy hiking, having had chances to summit famous peaks in the Rocky Mountains and volcanoes in the Caribbean. As a writer, I have published in newspapers and on websites around the world. Most of the time, I write about culture, life as a foreigner, and international education. Eventually I'll get around to adding another page to this site where you could check out my publications, but for now you'll just have to take my word for it!