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Drew Sparkman



Budapest, Hungary


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What are people saying about Drew?


He came to us as a young teacher with almost two years of experience, and he has eagerly excelled to a pivotal position in our school, teaching the demanding International Baccalaureate courses in English Language and Literature and Theory of Knowledge and overseeing administrative responsibilities for our 11th and 12th . He has continued to demonstrate this drive through his time at our school, even leading various educational projects that required organized coordination between students, staff, administrators, and parents. Drew embraces any opportunity for professional development, which makes him an ideal leader.

Full reference from former supervisor and head of studies.


When he came to our school, he was always open to new knowledge, accepting help if he did not know something. Over time, our relationship changed a bit – now I’m the one who often has questions and I need his help. At this moment, Drew is the teacher who knows the most about the IB system. He is aware of all its “finesse”, its rules, the essence of the program. He knows not only the requirements of his own specialized subject, but also the whole set of rules, procedures and the related websites that are connected to the IB program.

Full reference from former IB colleague.

As teacher and former colleague I see that Mr. Sparkman is a very effective and creative English teacher. He connects easilly with his students, even if their English knowledge is low. His relatively young age is an asset in his teaching: he understands the cultural code of the so-called Generation Z (e.g. computer literacy, popular culture etc.). With this background he can motivate his students to do the best they can at the exams. He always showed respect and responsibility for his work and to his colleagues.

Full reference from former IB colleague.

Knowing Drew and his work ethic inspires the teaching team and he has built the back bone of the school. I know wherever he goes he will be a valuable asset due to his diligent behaviour to his work and his giving attitude to his colleagues.

Full reference from former IB colleague.


At our very first meeting, Mr. Sparkman struck me positively as an extremely earnest interlocutor. He made a convincing profile of my son's competences and skills, advanced a series of recommendations and invited a reaction from me...I left every such meeting with the clear impression that I better understood my son, his needs and expectations, and that I was in a better position to assist [his son] during his IB years.

Full reference from parent of former IB student.

Former Students

I would highly recommend and attest to Mr.Drew Sparkman being an extremely reliable, punctual, serious, open-minded, and organized teacher who would contribute and fit into any given environment and situation.

Full reference from former IB student.

Thank you so much for being an amazing and excellent teacher. What I most admire in you is your work ethic. You work really hard and you're someone that people can look up to as a role model, because you're not only a great teacher but you're also a great human being. You have helped me so much with my writing and I thank you for that. Your classes are fun and I really enjoyed being part of it.

Full reference from former IB student.

He is selfless, persistent, and bold. I hope you, too, see what a remarkable teacher Mr. Drew is and how he strives for other’s success. He was our mentor through his teaching and will continue to be in the future.

Full reference from former IB student.

Not only was he a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, he was also an ideal role model...I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with him, since I have acquired many useful skills and learned many life lessons from him.

Full reference from former IB student.

...his way of thinking is not just impressive but is a good guide to every student. His personal and academic experiences make him an outstanding teacher and mentor.

Full reference from former 10th-grade student.


His success in teaching English to gifted students in Budapest attests to his instructional abilities, interaction among culturally diverse students and faculty, and adaptation to challenging situations.

Full reference from former university professor and adviser.